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Visa Appointment

Documents Required for Immigrant Visa Applications


In order to prepare for your visa interview, please read the following instructions carefully.

FIRST:   Complete the Biographic Data questionnaire (DS-260), on line.  All visa applicants must fill out   and submit the form online. Print the confirmation page and bring this page to your interview. Please note: Cases with no NVC Invoice number may enter the applicant's date of birth in the following format – YYYYMMDD - as a substitute invoice number. You must answer all questions.  If your spouse and/or children are applying for a visa with you, each must completely fill out a form DS-260.

SECOND:  Obtain the documents on this list that are applicable in your case, but DO NOT send them to this office.  Take them to the Consular Section on the day of your visa interview.

  • PASSPORT:  The passport must be valid for travel to the United States and must have at least six (6) months of validity left from the date the visa is issued.
  • NATIONAL ID CARD:  All applicants age 16 or over MUST present a national ID card (cédula de identidad personal) on the day of the visa appointment.
  • VISA FEE:  Unless the fee has been paid for you in the United States, you must be prepared to pay the non-refundable of US$325.00 or the equivalent in Dominican pesos per applicant.  We can only accept payment in one currency (i.e., you must pay the total entirely in U.S. dollars or entirely in Dominican pesos).  We accept cash and international credit cards.
  • COURIER SERVICE:  The officer will instruct you to pay a one-time rate of US$11.00 (or the equivalent in Dominican pesos) for the Services of Domex, delivering of visa package, documents, etc.  Starting November, 2014, a new courier service process will be implemented.  Therefore, we encourage to all the visa applicants to check our webpage to get update information in the immigrant visa process.
  • PHOTOGRAPH:  One (1) recent COLOR photograph (taken no more than six months ago) for each applicant, with a white or off-white background, unretouched, with no border, and showing the applicant’s ears.  The measurements must be 2” x 2”.  The person must be looking directly at the camera (cannot be looking to the side, up or down), and the face must cover 50% of the surface area of the photograph.
  • BIRTH CERTIFICATE:  An original birth certificate (legalized by the Junta Central Electoral and in the in extensa format) for each applicant and for the petitioner.  A birth certificate must be presented for each child under age 21, even if that person is not applying for a visa with you at this time.  You must present the original birth certificate, translated in English, if the applicant was born in another country.  The date/place of birth and the names of the parents must be shown on the birth certificate.
  • MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE:  If you are or were married, you must present a copy (legalized by the Junta Central Electoral and in the in extensa format) of your marriage certificate.  You must also present proof of the termination of any previous marriage, such as a death certificate, divorce decree (legalized and in the in extensa format) or evidence of annulment.  The same requirements apply to the petitioner.
  • EVIDENCE OF RELATIONSHIP: You must present evidence that you have a legitimate relationship with the person who has petitioned for you, such as letters, photographs, telephone bills and/or any other evidence that demonstrates your relationship.  If the petitioner is your stepparent, you must present a copy of both sides of your biological parent’s permanent resident card (green card) OR other evidence that demonstrates the marital relationship between your biological parent and your stepparent.  If the petitioner is your spouse, we strongly recommend that he/she accompany you to the interview.
  • JUDICIAL AND PRISON RECORDS:  Persons who have been arrested for any reason in any country (including the United States) or who have any judicial/prison record must present copies of ALL documents related to the case, even if there was an amnesty or other act of clemency or even if the person was found innocent or the charges were dropped.
  • MILITARY RECORD:  You must obtain your record of military service, if applicable and obtainable.
  • POLICE CERTIFICATE:  Police certificates are required from every applicant age 18 or over for each locality of the country of the applicant's nationality or current residence where the applicant has resided for at least six months since attaining the age of 18.  Police certificates are also required from all other countries (except the United States) where the applicant has resided for at least six months.  Please see  if you have questions about the procedures for obtaining a police certificate.
  • EVIDENCE OF ECONOMIC SOLVENCY:  You must present a Form I-864 (Affidavit of Support Under Section 213A of the Act) from the petitioner, even if he or she is not working, along with all supporting documents.  If the petitioner’s income is insufficient, you must find a joint sponsor. 
  • MEDICAL EXAMINATION:  You must  select  a panel physician, approved by the U.S. Embassy, for a medical examination as soon as you receive your appointment letter.  We encourage you to do your medical exam, as soon as possible, in order to have the results ready the date of your appointment; this will avoid delays in the process of your visa.  Please check our website for information regarding the medical examination process and the vaccines.
  • All applicants, regardless of age, must have a medical examination performed.
  • TRANSLATIONS:  All documents that are neither in English nor Spanish must be translated into English by a competent translator.
  • The Embassy is located in the sector of Arroyo Hondo, north of the Botanical Gardens between Av. República de Colombia and Carretera La Isabela.  The address is Av. República de Colombia #57, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The Consular Section entrance is on República de Colombia Avenue.

IMPORTANT NOTE #1: The consular officer cannot decide whether or not to issue you an immigrant visa until you formally apply and are interviewed.  Therefore, we strongly recommend that you NOT make non-refundable flight arrangements or other travel plans until and unless you actually receive your visa.

IMPORTANT NOTE #2:  Because of lack of space, only applicants and the petitioner will be allowed access to the Consular Section compound.  However, children under age 18 may be accompanied by one of their parents or a guardian.  In general, children under age 13 do not need to appear personally for an interview unless they are the beneficiaries of their own petitions (for example, if a child is 13 or younger and applying for an IR-2 visa he/she must appear for the interview).

QUESTIONS?  If you have any questions, please contact our Visa Information Center.  Persons in the Dominican Republic must purchase a personal identification number (PIN) at any Banco Popular branch (either the equivalent of US$5.25 in Dominican pesos for five minutes of access, or the equivalent of US$16.00 in Dominican pesos for 15 minutes).  The PIN will become active 24 hours after you purchase it.  Then call 1-809-200-3232.  Persons in the United States must call 1-877-804-5402, and the call will be charged to their credit card.  The Center is staffed with operators Monday through Friday (including most American and Dominican holidays) from 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. local time.  For more information, you may also visit our website at:


Starting on November 12, there will be a new service to provide information; you may call the following numbers for free with any questions 829-956-5144 (Dominican Republic) or 703-988-3410 (U.S.).  For more information, please visit:

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