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What is State Department “Country Specific Information”?

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What is State Department “Country Specific Information”?

  • "Country Specific Information" (or CSI) is available for all countries throughout the world.  The CSI is a public document that contains information on the conditions of a particular country of interest to US citizens who are traveling abroad.  The CSI is the principal tool used to disseminate this information through the Internet.  As a document of the US Department of State, the CSI is available in English.

  • The CSI includes information on:  location of US Embassy or Consulate(s) in the country of interest, immigration requirements, health conditions, small political disturbances, currency, entry regulations for that particular country, crime levels, advice for individual security, and drug penalties, among other subjects.

  • Much of this information is obtained by the Embassy while assisting US citizen tourists or residents in the country.

  • The information for each country is frequently updated.  The parameters that guide what information will be included in the CSI are determined by the US Department of State in Washington, D.C.  These parameters are applied equally throughout the world.

To see the CSI for the Dominican Republic, please click here: