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Ask the Consul

Can you give me any advice to help my chances at getting my immigrant visa the first time I go to the Consulate?

October 3, 2011

First, if you, or the petitioner, have a reliable email address, provide the National Visa Center (NVC) an email address where you can receive information about your appointment.  In many instances, email communication is a faster and more secure way for receiving letters and information from NVC. 

Second, it is important to have all the required documentation at the time of the interview.  This documentation includes a complete medical exam by one of the doctors authorized by the Consular Section.  Thus, it is important that applicants schedule their medical exam at least five days before the date of the interview appointment, in order to ensure that the medical exam will be ready in time for the interview.

Third, make sure that the Affidavit of Support(s) filed by the petitioner and/or joint sponsor meets the Poverty Income Guidelines (PDF, 56 Kb).  It is important for the petitioner and/or joint sponsor to complete form I-864 truthfully and that the information provided in the form reflect the information provided to the Internal Revenue Service.

Lastly, if the applicant intends to add any derivative beneficiaries to his or her petition, it is important for the applicant to inform NVC at the earliest possible time and to bring all the required fees, documentation and additional applicants to the interview.  This would ensure that the derivative beneficiaries’ visa applications are reviewed and adjudicated at the same time as the principal applicant’s petition.