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Ask the Consul

Can you explain the basic process of applying for an Immigrant Visa (IV) and a Non-immigrant Visa (NIV)? What are the costs of both?

Augsut 15, 2011

To apply for an IV, a petitioner must submit an I-130 application and supporting documents on behalf of a qualifying relation.  The United States Citizen and Immigration Service (USCIS) will approve the petition and send it to the National Visa Center (NVC).  If any documents are missing, NVC will contact the petitioner.  Then the petitioner must submit any missing documents and pay the application fee of USD420.00.  The case will be placed in a pending status until appointments become available at the consulate, which is when the petitioner will receive a letter from NVC to make the appointment.  Before the appointment an IV fee of USD404.00 must be paid to the NVC or sometimes in person at the consulate. IV applicants must also pay a 15$ fee to Banco Popular for their case to be complete.

For an NIV, applicants fill out and submit an application on the internet.  They then pay two fees at Banco Popular: one USD140.00 fee for the interview and a fee to buy a 15 minute-pin number for the Visa Information Center. (VIC)  An applicant should contact the VIC well in advance to make an appointment.  Applicants for work visas will have to pay a USD10$ fee at the consulate.

For Dominican citizens, AT NO OTHER TIME will any representative of the Embassy or other US Government official ask for money.  An US official should NEVER ask you to deposit or transfer money to any account.  If you are ever contacted by someone saying they are from the embassy or NVC and asking you to transfer or deposit money into an account, please report the call to our Fraud Prevention Line at (809) 731-4247.