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Ask the Consul

I would like to study at a U.S. University on an F1 student visa

May 2, 2011

Recently, I applied for a visa and brought all the documents that my school and the embassy website told me to bring, but my visa was refused.  Why did this happen and what are my options now?

As with every type of non-immigrant visa, the consul must always consider a variety of factors when determining whether an applicant qualifies or not.

English proficiency is part of an applicant's qualifications.  If the student is planning on taking courses in English, they must be able to speak and write the language at a level necessary to complete the courses. The consular officer will conduct the interview in English if this is the case.  In the event the applicant is applying for the visa to study English, or when language training will be provided before studies begin, the class schedule and I-20 must be documented and explained in a detailed manner during the interview.

The applicant will need to answer a series of questions regarding the coursework that will be undertaken, including the motives for choosing the school and what their plans will be after graduation.  As with most visas, the applicant must be prepared to discuss their plans to return to the Dominican Republic after the end of their program.  If the consular officer is not convinced of the applicant's motivation or eventual return, the visa will not be issued.

If your student visa is denied, the officer will explain the reasons for the refusal at the end of the interview.  While you are still welcome to apply in the future, it is recommended that you consider the reasons for the denial, and decide if you will be able to prove your qualifications as necessary.