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Ask the Consul

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About US Embassy Services Is Online

April 18, 2011

How can I or my family member apply for a tourist visa?  How do I declare my child as a US Citizen?  What emergency services does the US Embassy provide?  How can I prepare my family for a hurricane? How can my family immigrate to the United States?  Where do I pick up my Social Security check? 

All of these questions and many more are answered on the US Embassy's website!  Check it out in English at and in Spanish at The website provides clear, concise answers.

The US Embassy posts its announcements on the home page, where you can also see how the US Embassy is involved in local Dominican communities. On the "About Us" tab, you can read about the US Ambassador, find listings for Embassy jobs and the holiday schedule-indicating when the US Embassy is closed.  U.S. citizen information for travelers includes the latest security information as well as links to country Travel Alerts and Warnings. 

Prospective applicants click on the "Visas" and "U.S. Citizen Services" tabs every day!  These tabs provide a wealth of information on all services offered in the Consular section.  There's no need to pay for forms on the street.  You can get all required forms for free!  Just click on the links provided on the US Embassy's website.  To save time and get the results you want, be well-informed and prepared before your interview with a consular officer. 

You have access to US Embassy press releases, annual reports, and speeches on the "News and Events" tab.  Learn English or read about the United States in the "Virtual Library."  Check out our photos by clicking on "Multimedia," and join our community on Facebook, Twitter, and blogs by clicking on the "Communities" tab.