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Ask the Consul

American Citizens, Please let us know you are living in the DR

December 29, 2008

Registration at the U.S. Embassy's Consular Section in Santo Domingo helps us keep track of Americans who are here for work, travel or prolonged residence and helps us plan and respond promptly to all types of emergencies.  Frequent weather emergencies in the Dominican Republic make it especially important for long term residents to register so that we can share important public announcements by email and, if necessary, contact individuals in the most affected communities.  In cases of extreme emergency requiring evacuation, registration is the best way to insure that consular officials have an accurate list and contact information for all Americans.

When American citizens are involved in accidents or are the victims of crime, Dominican officials inform the U.S. Embassy as soon as they become aware of the citizenship of the victim.  Registration gives us the means to notify family members and facilitates our efforts to assist victims and families.  Consular officers may also contact you to relay the concerns of friends and family if they have been unable to contact you directly, but all information provided in your registration is protected by the Privacy Act.  Information about your welfare or whereabouts may not be released to inquirers without your authorization.

The easiest way to register is via the Internet at, but you can also obtain a registration form at the American Citizens Services (ACS) section of the U.S. Embassy in Santo Domingo.  Either way, you can specify whether your stay in the Dominican Republic is permanent or temporary.  If you give a specific date of anticipated departure from the country, the ACS computer systems will automatically remove you from the registration list on that date.